An Original Outlaw, Ep. 3 – Fancy Coats & Travel Tips


From fancy hats to faux fur coats and parties – host Autumn Outlaw and her guests, Staci Gerick and Ashely Louge look for any reason to dress up and celebrate. In this episode, the trio talks about their best expeditions, top travel tips, and how they find any reason to celebrate, with a list of their favorite themed parties you can do yourself!

Here’s what we talked about:

Photos from parties and travels:


My Fav Make-Up Products


I get a little overwhelmed when it comes to makeup. Don’t get me wrong – I love makeup! I just don’t like spending a ton of money to try products that don’t work out. Luckily, I have a gal pal who watches all the makeup videos, reads the blogs and shares her tips with me. We talked about the products on my latest podcast – These are the ones I use daily to look my very best!

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Loose Setting Powder

This is not the same stuff we used in jr. high – This powder looks flawless! It covers well and minimizes imperfections. I love the price point, too!

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 12.34.46 AM

Maybelline Face Studio Lasting Fix Setting Spray

I have used several setting sprays but this one works the best! My eyeliner and eyeshadow never have creases at the end of the day! Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 12.30.34 AM

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Like Sinead O’connor sang, “nothing compares…” This is the best for the buck! Try using it before you go to bed to allow it to soak up the day’s oil and you’ll wake up with fresh hair!

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 12.32.13 AM

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

I use this for a primer under my foundation. It helps hold my makeup in place all day!

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 12.33.50 AM

An Original Outlaw, Ep. 2 – Beauty Pageants & Urban Cowboy

Outlaw podcast image (1)

On the first day of first grade, Autumn unknowingly took Kacey’s chair… or at least that is how Kacey tells it. Either way, it was the beginning of a lifelong friendship! Listen to An Original Outlaw host, Autumn and her friend Kacey talk about growing up in a small town, beauty pageants, decoding our moody kids, and why Kacey admires John Travolta. Oh, and they also share their best beauty hacks and how Kacey lost nearly 40 pounds over the last year! 

Here’s what we talked about:

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An Original Outlaw, Ep. 1 – Soups, Snacks & Getting Dressy

Outlaw podcast SJ & AO

Welcome to the FIRST episode of An Original Outlaw podcast! This week, An Original Outlaw host Autumn Outlaw kicks off this podcast by introducing you to her always joyful friend, Sarah-Jane Menefee. They chat about how they met, a tornado mascot costume, Christmas card photo madness, and $1 dresses! They share quick and easy meal tips, and then Sarah-Jane dishes on the things she loves most about their Waco community. 

Here’s what we talked about:

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An Original Outlaw Podcast

[Original size] an

Each week Autumn Outlaw shares her friends, her tips, and her stories. An Original Outlaw is for anyone who is tired, overworked, over mom-ed. Autumn will take you in and treat you like family. Catch An Original Outlaw each week on Rogue Media Network, and wherever you listen to podcasts.


Super Bowl DIY Party Decor


I am always looking for a reason to celebrate! Here are fun ways to decorate at your next Super Bowl party.

The “Lombardy Trophy” was easy to make! It’s made from a Dollar Tree vase and a plastic football. Carefully cut a hole in the bottom of the football (a little smaller than the width of the vase) with an X-acto or kitchen knife and stick the vase inside. Cover with two or three coats of silver spray paint.

We give this trophy to the winner of the best dish at our friends’ Super Bowl party each year.

Friend Holiday Photo Swap



Every year, my friend Sarah-Jane and I have the best Christmas card photos! No, we don’t spend a lot of money on the top photographer in town — we swap services and take each other’s family photos. (We always snag a picture together, too, as you can see above!)

Usually the weekend after Thanksgiving, we get our families all gussied up, grab my Nikon camera, we each grab our own SD cards and find a scenic spot, somewhere downtown or near the park (so we can bribe our children to behave with the playground as a reward) and set out on the craziest 30-ish minutes of the year!

Either of us starts first – Last year, Sarah-Jane organized my people for a family photo, while her husband kept her three girls occupied and their white tights stain-free. Within 15 minutes (or less), we swapped! I arranged her family and snapped as many photos as I could while trying to keep everyone’s attention and while my husband was on kid-watch.

We are not professional photographers, but with the help of photo apps and top-notch printing services, every year we manage to come out with amazing family photos for our Christmas cards that don’t break the bank. Plus, it’s such a fun holiday memory! Our kids look forward to the chaos every year.  (see the pictures below)

Do you have a friend who you could swap services with? It’s worth the craziness, I promise!

2018 family2018 ChristmasDSC_09021



Outlaw ‘Heat & Serve’ Soup


easysoupIngredients needed- 1 can of each:

  • Rotel
  • Ranch Style Beans
  • Chicken with Rice Condensed Soup
  • Can of Chicken
  • Cream Style Corn
  • *Optional: Tortilla Chips, Shredded Cheese, Sliced Avocado


This is my go-to dish if I have family coming over, if I don’t have time to cook a full meal, or if I just don’t feel like cooking. It tastes especially good on a cold night.

Just open, dump the contents into a pot on the stove or crock-pot and heat. I serve mine over crushed tortilla chips and a sprinkling of shredded cheese on top. So easy! So good!! Plus, you can get all the ingredients at the Dollar Store. Costs: about $1.50 a person!

It can also be served with sliced avocado (yum!) and if you like a little spice in your bowl, use HOT Rotel.

Easy Individual Snack Packaging



  • Baggies
  • Snack item
  • Stapler
  • Printed logo on paper
  • Scissors
  • soccersnacks

My son plays basketball, t-ball & soccer; It’s hard to keep up with which games are our “snack game”. A few weeks ago, as we were loading the equipment in the car, I realized I forgot about snacks!! I looked in the cabinet & saw I didn’t have enough of any individual wrapped snack. I grabbed a large bag of pretzels, some snack-sized baggies & started filling them. I had the team logo on my computer & printed out the design on regular paper, cut, folded & stapled them on. We were set! I grabbed a package of CapriSuns & ran out the door. Easy snacks & the kids loved them!

Pop-Top Gift Cans



Each year I search for easy, fun and CHEAP gift ideas for my son’s teacher. I like to find projects that he can help me make, also, this year we are on a firm budget. So, to try to stretch that dollar a little further, but still show our gratitude to his wonderful teacher(s), we decide to make Pop-Top Cans. See the simple steps below.

Click below to watch a How To video, featured on Moms Everyday on KWTX (may not show on mobile device)

The items you will need:

  • pull-top can (fruit cans work best)
  • smooth-edge can opener
  • craft paper or gift wrap
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • tape
  • glue gun
  • candy or other items to put inside cans
  • ribbons, stickers, or other adornments for outside of cans

Most of the items you will need are house hold items. The biggest expensive might be the smooth-edge can opener. (I bought one a few years ago at HEB for about $8. I use it all the time!) Also, fruit cans work best, because they don’t have an odor after you clean them out. (Cans that had chile or soup in them don’t smell great, even after a good scrub. Stick to the fruit cans.)

First things first… you need to empty the contents of your can by using the can opener to open the BOTTOM of the can. Leave the top pull-tab in place. (My daughter loves mandarin oranges and I love canned pears, so we are well stocked in these types of cans)


The next step is to take the label off the cans. (I had my handsome assistant help me.)

DSC_0284 (2)

After the label is removed, measure the can and cut a strip of scrap booking paper or gift wrap to fit around the can. You can use tape to adhere it to the can.



Next, the can can be filled with candy. I put Hersey’s Hugs and Kisses in our cans, but you can be creative. I thought of a few other items to put in the can: gift card, desk supply (paper clips, tacks, etc.), stickers, lip glosses, gum, necklace… the list goes on!


When the can is filled with goodies, you may want to tuck a small piece of tissue paper inside to finish filling the can and to protect the items from getting hot glue on them. Next, you will use a small amount of hot glue around the edge of the “lid”. Press it on, and remove any glue strings.


Once the glue is firm, turn the can over. You can embellishing the can with ribbon on the pull-tab, add a little note, attach letters… so much can be added to the cans. They are easy to make and fun to give! Your child’s teacher will love them!

DSC_0422 DSC_0368DSC_0296