Super Bowl DIY Party Decor


I am always looking for a reason to celebrate! Here are fun ways to decorate at your next Super Bowl party.

The “Lombardy Trophy” was easy to make! It’s made from a Dollar Tree vase and a plastic football. Carefully cut a hole in the bottom of the football (a little smaller than the width of the vase) with an X-acto or kitchen knife and stick the vase inside. Cover with two or three coats of silver spray paint.

We give this trophy to the winner of the best dish at our friends’ Super Bowl party each year.


About Autumn Outlaw

Who am I? Well, I am tired mom of three, wife to one, a lover of all things Dr Pepper, who happens to live in Waco, Texas. I’m a marketing and communications professional, I’m the host of a mom-friendly segment in a local TV station, and I like to wear dresses! I’m constantly in search of things they make life easier.

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