WACOAN: Dress A Day In May


In 2011, I joined a few friends to start Dress a Day in May. It was just a reason/excuse to wear a dress. I had no idea that 10 years later, I’d still be wearing a dress each day in May, with serval hundred other women – What a journey! I’ve built so many incredible relationships along the way. Also, I’ve been able to bring attention to Clothesline Waco & Mission Waco.

Thank you Kevin Tankersly & the WACOAN magazine for including me, and the Dr Pepper Museum for letting us grab a drink. I’m not sure what this May will bring but I still plan on wearing a dress all 31 days. Click to read more about Dress a Day in May: www.wacoan.com/waco-chat/autumn-outlaw/

Due to COVID-19, The Clothesline has temporarily closed and the fashion show is canceled. Please consider a donation to help provide support while they’re closed: bit.ly/2U8R1zX


About Autumn Outlaw

Who am I? Well, I am tired mom of three, wife to one, a lover of all things Dr Pepper, who happens to live in Waco, Texas. I’m a marketing and communications professional, I’m the host of a mom-friendly segment in a local TV station, and I like to wear dresses! I’m constantly in search of things they make life easier.

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