An Original Outlaw, BONUS Ep. – Quarantined: Trampolines & Wine


BONUS EPISODE! With COVID-19 spreading around the world, causing most of us to work from home and schools to be canceled — How are you doing at home with your kiddos? Well, listen to me and my friends, Ashely and Staci, talk about how we are handling being domestic with our kiddos while trying to work and keep everyone sane!

Here’s what we talked about:


About Autumn Outlaw

Who am I? Well, I am tired mom of three, wife to one, a lover of all things Dr Pepper, who happens to live in Waco, Texas. I’m a marketing and communications professional, I’m the host of a mom-friendly segment in a local TV station, and I like to wear dresses! I’m constantly in search of things they make life easier.

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